MSRA members must meet specific criteria and submit to thorough evaluation that includes jobsite workmanship inspections as well as independent safety audits.

By specifying a MSRA member you are assured a competent shingling/roofing contractor.

As a self-policing organization, the MSRA stands behind the principles and ethics of our association and expects each member to do so as well.

MSRA members will ensure:

  • The adoption and application of high professional and business standards.
  • A COR or SECOR national standard safety program.
  • Treat all people with fair and equal consideration.
  • Abide by all laws and regulations governing the industry.
  • Entry into contracts that are fair, equitable and that clearly designate responsibilities.
  • Complete liability insurance.
  • WBC coverage for all workers.
  • Offer a warranty.
  • Employment of qualified installers trained by the leaders in the shingling/roofing industry.

Ultimately the MSRA provides homeowners and the construction industry with a means to pre-qualify shingling/roofing contractors.

Manitoba Sloped Roofing Association

Manitoba Sloped Roofing Association